Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mumait Khan shocking Updates Photos

Pierced and tattooed, Mumaith Khan has made a place for herself in showbiz.

Basics on Mumaith
Mumait Abdul Rashid Khan was born on 1st September to Abdul Rashid Khan who is from Tamil Nadu, India and a Pakistani national Hasina Khan. She has four sisters, one of whom called Zabyn has appeared in Telugu movies in small roles.

Mumaith Khan’s Movies
Mumaith Khan was part of a dance troupe and got her big break in the item number Dekh Le in Munnabhai MBBS (2003). She also did an item number in the blockbuster Pokkiri (2006) which established her name in South Indian cinema too.

She then started getting roles in movies like Lucky: No time for Love (2005), Chocolate (2005) and Fight Club: Members Only (2006).

Khan has worked in Tamil and Telugu movies as well, like Yogi (2007), Lakshmi Puthrudu (2008), Villu (2009) and Kanthaswamy (2009).