Sunday, May 15, 2011

The macho hero seems to have vanished: Salman

Salman Khan, who won over the audiences with his performance as a tough cop in `Dabangg`, is consciously making efforts to bring the `macho man` back to Bollywood.

"I am consciously trying to get heroes, macho men back. I miss them. When my father wrote, the heroes used to be strong and central to the story, doing heroic things. I would go to the cinema and clap and whistle when I saw the hero on screen," Salman said.

"The macho hero seems to have vanished. I feel today people are also missing the macho man. I wanted to make sure people remember the hero when they leave the theatre. That is why I am doing such films," he said.

On why `Wanted` and `Dabangg` worked, Salman said, "`Wanted` worked because of the father-son equation in the film. After the father`s death, the film took a different angle. In the case of `Dabangg` it was surprising that children caught on with the film. I just went back into my childhood, we wanted to see heroism and that`s what even children wanted to see in `Dabangg`."