Saturday, May 14, 2011

Imran’s item number for ‘Delhi Belly’

Buzz has it that Aamir and Abhinay Deo, the director of the adult comedy flick have been at loggerheads since the flick’s inception. However, the duo sorted out their differences time and again. But the decision to have Kiran as the director of the item song has not been received well by Deo.

Aamir Khan’s ‘Delhi Belly’ starring Imran Khan will see Mamu’s Bhanja groove to a sizzling number. And Mrs Aamir Khan aka Kiran Rao shall direct the song.

The “perfectionist” Khan is known to intrude into the creative space of the directors of films produced under his banner. And as always, Aamir is making headlines for not giving his director the much needed liberty to treat his film the way he wants to.

However, Kiran Rao chose to speak the least when contacted by a tabloid and said, “When we heard the final song, we just loved the tune. It’s very catchy, so we decided to have some fun and shoot a promotional video.”