Friday, April 1, 2011

Rakhi refuse to sex scene in bollywood

The item girl RAKHI SAWANT was approached by an international filmmaker who wanted to make a drama on Kamasutra. But Rakhi Sawant does have boundaries. While she is comfortable with baring her assets on screen, she draws the line at having sex on screen. The role required the actress to demonstrate various sexual poses mentioned in the ancient sex manual with a male co-star.

Rakhi turned down the project. "Kama Sutra is also about aesthetics. People who don't understand it like the makers of the movie I was approached for, will make it into a sleazy sex fest. I didn't want to be a part of it even though it is an international project and I was getting to play the lead. It wasn't a big banner, big director project, so, why take the risk?" She reasons.

She has no qualms about exposing so why shy about sex scenes? She explains, "It is true that I expose and I do it quite often. It's also true that I'm very confident of my body but there are things that a girl can't do on screen. A line has to be drawn somewhere. I did not grow up thinking that I will expose my body and get credit for it.
The filmmakers wanted me to do so, and I did it to get a break. So many girls do so many things to make it big, so for me exposing was no big deal. But the project needed me to do sex poses on camera. I felt weird. I'm an Indian girl at the end of the day and couldn't think of doing such a thing on camera. It was sleazy and embarrassing."