Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preity upset with media

Preity Zinta very upset with media on her visit to shirdi, Not every actor or actress goes for his/her publicity, we are also an human being and genuinely go to pray. Said Priety

The 36-year-old actress went to Shirdi yesterday and is miffed with media for "pushing" her around.

"I wonder why temples have become so commercial. Why a temple trustee`s urge to be photographed with a celebrity is entertained by the media," she said.

"Went to Shirdi yesterday and came back with memories of media pushing me instead of the serene face and the energy of Sai Baba," she said.

"In a rut to make anything news have we forgotten to respect God and someone`s genuine devotion," she said, adding, "in front of God we bare ourselves and look to purify our soul. Instead of feeling uplifted. I came back feeling sad and deprived from Shirdi."