Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sammer sexperience with neighbours wife - II

Thanks to all the readers for appreciating the first part of the story it really encouraged me to write down the next part. Later the same night at around 11.30pm after finishing my dinner I was having my dessert. Outside it was quite cold but we all have room heater so our rooms stay like summer temperature, I was just thinking about the hot moment which has happened few hours back. And as I did not got a chance to see her pussy or boobs because we were under the blanket, I was just imagining about all this things which was making me hot. Within next few minutes I heard a knock on my door. To my surprise it was rekha again, she was wearing a white colour short nightie, where on the top her flesh from the breasts were quite visible and on the bottom her thighs as well. My god this lady was looking really hotter than any other girl on this planet. I asked her 'hey what happened you ok ?' rekha replied that her upper inner thigh was paining, so do I have any pain killer. I told her it is wise to have a massage rather than pain killer, so I invited her to come inside my room and told her I will massage you don't worry. She asked me are you sure, I hope im not disturbing you, I replied no not at all just relax and lie down let me bring the oil. Suddenly I realised her husband should be at home then what is she doing here. I asked her about Ashmit, she replied that he is going to stay at his boss's house due to a family wedding. As the wedding is tomorrow they needed people to prepare for decorations, so he is not coming until tomorrow mid-night. That was the happiest news I ever got now I knew I can spend tonight with this sex goddess. I wanted to do everything but I thought lets give it time and play part by part which will give her a memorable sex experience and me too. After she lied down on my bed I told her to pull her nighty up so that oil does not touch it. I can see her smooth legs without a single hair and after I started putting my hand massaging it it was making me real hard on my boxers.Her thong was completely white which was slitly giving me glimpse of her pussy. I was massaging it for a long time, her eyes were closed as I was deliberately putting and touching her pussy. Later I rested my left palm exactly over her crotch and massaging her inner thigh with right hand, god I was so horny and wanted to fuck that pussy right then but still I was taking my time. Slowly slowly she started to breath heavily and her eyes were completely closed. Now my left hand started to move slowly over her crotch. As I did not got any objection from her side I knew I have a green signal. Now as I was massaging her thigh I started massaging her pussy with my two fingers over her thong. She was now moving her ass and trying to push her pussy with my fingers. My tool was completely erected but I did not got a chance to touch and jerk it as I was busy in giving her pleasure. It continued for a while and water started to come from her pussy which was making her thing wet. I knew she was completely aroused as she was grasping the bed sheet tight with her hand. Slowly I asked her do you have pain anywhere rekha, she looked at me with such lustful eyes and replied that can I massage her back too. I said for that you need to take off her nighty is that ok with you. She just took off her nighty and turned around. She was looking so hot I cannot forget that view of her till today. As I started to apply oil I told her I need to unhook your bra too or else oil will get onto it, she did nto even replied as a result I unhooked her bra. And started to put oil all over her back. Then I realised my dick really needs to get contact with her body as I was getting too strong, so I decided to sat over her buttock. The way I sat, I just almost drilled my dick over her ass. By this time I took off my t-shirt too. As I was massaging her back she was moving her ass slowly slowly and pushing her butt with my dick. She was moaning slowly with pleasure. At one stage I hold her tight from the back and started whispering on her ears. Her body was moving slowly, I put my head just beside her side face and slowly started to rub my lips on her ears and I was asking her, DO you like it rekha? She replied I love your massage, I want you to massage my front too with lods of oil. Please sammer massage my front. I was rubbing my lips over her ears and breathing heavily and I answered I will massage your whole body tonight. You are so hot and sexy and I love your body, I would love to massage your body, pelase turn around honey. When she turned around this is the first time I got a glimpse of her boobs. OHH they were in such a good shape, they were really big and firm but the best part was her nipples. Her areola was so big, I felt like sucking those tits but still I hold control over my self. Now put alot of oil over her breasts and started massaging them gently. As she moved towards the front now and I am sitting over her my dick was touching her pussy over the clothes, I could feel the wetness of her pussy as the top of my dick was thrusting to get inside her pussy and she was pushing her pussy towards. She did not even open her eyes and I was getting more aroused because of her moaning. We continued like that for a while and now I started to massage her boobs really hard and pinch her nipples. Now her mouth was completely open and she was licking her lips with her tongue, I understood I should not take more time now. So I went closer to her face for the first time her erected nipples were touching by chest. I was brushing my lips with her lips and I started to whisper again. The hot air which was coming out of her mouth was making me more wild and strong. I started to ask her what do you what do you want me to do next, if you don't tell me anything rekha I wont do a single thing. She grabbed my head and we started kissing each other. We hold each other really tighting and our lips were looked for such a long time. By this time she started jerking my dick. As she started jerking my dick, the precums were all over fingers and she started to jerk it more faster. I opened my boxer in no time and took off her thong. Now we again hold each other really tight locking our lips and licking tongue. This is the first time my dick was in touch with her fresh wet pussy, I kept on rubbing my dick really fast. She was moaning ' Ahh AHh sammer I really want that dick in my pussy, are you gonna fuck me tonite?, I replied rekha I will fuck your pussy really hard do you want that ? She got up and started to suck my dick really hard, I never thought that this woman would give me the best blow job in the world. She was thrusting her head really fast and licking my balls. I felt like I am on heaven. She licked all the precum of my dick, god I loved that blow job. Then I started to suck on her tits. I was sucking them really hard and by that time as I was hold her tight I put one of my finger sliding on her ass. She was moaning really loud now but I didn't care as we were having a great time. Then I started to lick her pussy, it was already wet but I kept on licking her pussy. Water liquid was coming out from her pussy, every two minutes it was just coming out and she was making a huge sound. Then in the end I got her up and slide my strong hard dick inside her pussy. GOD, it was so wet and the feeling was so great. I did not wanted to put on condom because I know sex without condom is harmful but sex without condom is really pleasurable and I love to have sex without condom. So I kept on thrusting her pussy as she was on top of me for next 25 minutes, all of a sudden she started to moan really loud and took her pussy off my dick and started to pee, she peed over my dick and my bed was getting completely wet. That was something which never happened with any other girl in my life. Then again I inserted my dick within 5 minutes again she started to pee alot. While she was peeing she was biting me soo much. Then I said I am going to cum, she said she wanted to have my cum, Within no time I came over her face and as my dick was still erected and hard, I started to drill my dick now on her ass hole. It was really tight it was not going in, then I put alot of oil and finger fucked her ass but it was really hurting her so I could not put my dick on her ass which I really wanted to. But later I started fucking her on doggy style really hard for a long while. Within next 15 minutes I came. We hold each other really tight and lied down on that wet bed. As the heater was on we were not cold at all, then she said lets go to toilet and wash which I agreed. After we came back to my room I changed the bed sheet and we were lying down naked kissing each other. Later on that night we had 3 more session which was really hot. She is really hot and great on bed but unfortunately her husband cannot enjoy her and I feel sorry for him. After that day whenever I came from office regularly we had one session of hot sex together. Recently they moved to another house as a result we are not together anymore. But on various occasion I hide and visit her to spent some hot time or she comes to my house. I am really enjoying this because we are not in a relationship yet we are doing all this things.