Thursday, February 3, 2011

Preethi getting fucked during train journey

I came out after a long shower with my bath robe on and drying my hair with a towel.Smitha was still waiting on the bed,waiting anxiously to listen to what happened next in the train."Hey how long have you bathed pree" "Its my wish" "Ok ok now continue the story" "Ok I will but first get me a coffee im dying for it" "Yoouu ok wait 5 minute" she got it in time. "Ok now tell dear im dying". Ok I waited in the train bathroom for some time but there is silence for long.My heart is pounding,was afraid what those thugs will do to me since I am travelling alone.Anyway I took a deep breath,gathered courage and came out of the bathroom and proceeded towards my berth. There are cops and TC's berth is also in the same coach so im releaved partially and went to my berth.The whole coach is sleeping except for our four bearths.The light is put on and the three people were sitting and talking to each other and when I came there they said hai and gave me way to the window. They are continously watching me with out a blink of an eye and thoughts were running through me that even the slightest mistake these people wont leave me.Thinking this I have bent and pulled out my to stuff in my cloths.I pulled my bag and I hurriedly tried to push them and I felt a cool breeze on my back only then I came to know that the shirt was lifted up by the breeze and the chap sitting next is me enjoying the view of my arse crack. I adjusted my night shirt hurrriedly, I was tense and while stuffing my bra fell to the floor near the feet of the chap sitting right opposite to me,i quickly picked it up and stuffed it in the bag and tried to take a glace of them to check if they saw what has happened,the two guys sitting opposite to me are enjoying my clevage when I bend down and when I saw them they quickly turned their heads away. I pulled a cotton bed sheet from the bag and zipped it and pushed it in.I was very nervous of what might happen every next secound,my heart is beating at knots.To get rid my nervousness I said hi to introduce myself to them "Hi" said the guy sitting next to me,he is a little on the darker side and a little fat too for his height,he is more like a wild animal than like a human for his facial features. "I am Keerthi,May I know your name please?" "I am preethy" "Nice name".And then the guy opposite to me spoke out "Hi,I am Bhaskar" He looked a bit funny to me, even when I am nervous.He had a big spects resting on his nose.He was wearing a skin tight t shirt and he is heavily muscular,may be the funny feeling about him is a mistake,Finally the guy sitting next to bhaskar spoke out. "Hi I am vijay" and strecthed out for a shake hand,i was reluctant but he waited and we shook hands.He is lean but he is the who was unable to take his eyes away from my globes.Even though I am thin I am proud of my assets,those suckable tits and round ass,a dream come true for guys."So where are you all guys heading to?" "We are actually going to city for a kind of tour,we will meet our friends there" answered vijay before the other guys could open their mouths.Seems like he is deeply obsessed with me already.We talked generally, shared thoughts and so on,i told them that I am going to meet my sister and spend this week end with her,they invited us to come along to enjoy,i said them I have to talk to my sister. The conversations went on,i am slowly getting used to and now my nervousness is gone.I felt sorry for thinking cruel about them,they are just thirsty of some female flesh but not bad people.So I am safe here,but whats keeping me aware is vijay's looks,they are focussed right on my tits all the while. I tried to cover by folding my hands this has only doubled my problems as my globes have buldged out exposing me more.Finally after some 40 minutes or so "Guys I am really tired and I need to sleep please dont mind"."Its ok preethy carry" said Bhaskar.They have lifted the berths and chained them making ready to sleep. Keerthi went to toilet and has changed to lungi and came back and jumped on to the berth above mine,bhaskar took the berth opposite to mine and vijay to the one above bhaskar.We have adjusted ourselves in our berths and said goodnight and swithed of the light.I covered off my legs with the bed sheet I brought along. I didnt get sleep for a while I thought to check the guys for a second just incase,i turned to my left saw bhaskar was sleeping,then I looked up slightly and was surprised vijays is still eating me with his eyes.Didnt know what to do.Thought to myself to take a walk and have a pee.I got rid of the sheet and stood up and look back and was quite surpised to see a huge tent of under of his lungi. I walked to the toilet and in way everyone was alseep and its pitch dark.I had a pee and thought to stand in the door for a while.I stood there at the door the train is cruizing at 120kmph at the wind is blowing hard and its quite cold.My nipples are got hard and I slowly sliped my hand inside my shirt to feel them.I slowly explored my hand over the navel and reached the left nipple. Its quite hard and the moment I touched it I felt some thing inside me,i got goose bums over my boobs and I felt like tickling inbetween my legs.I thought to take this exitement to the next level,i bent back and found no moment in the train and its quite dark and I make sure no one is coming.I unbuttned my to 2 buttons and saw my golden globes in the moon light. I kept my hand in side and gave a little squeeze to my boobs.Im loving this,But im not satisfied with adventure I am doing here so once again checked the coach and unbuttoned my shirt completely.Now am standing at the door totally exposing off myself to the world.I held the safety rod with my left hand started to play with my boobs. I am really getting hot in the chill of the wind at 120kmph.Slowly my right hand crept down to my pants.My fingers have found their way in and over my freshly shaved pubic region found my pussy.I was wet and aroused very much.i have inserted my middle finger into the pussy and strated to rub it. Although I used to mastrubate in bathroom this is something special here,i found it really adventurous with the mix of fear and pleasure its breath taking.I am standing at the door with my boobs hanging out and fingering my pussy.I increased my speed and finally reached climax.I took out my finger and tasted it "Not bad". I have buttoned my shirt and went straight to my berth,i found keerthi deep into sleep,vijay's hand was inside his pants rubbing his dick with his eyes tightly closed.Bhasker was facing the wall and so I wasnt able to see.I occupied my berth resting my head toward the window.I found vijay still watching me but acting to be sleeping. So I got a naughty thought,to give a little exposure of my wealth.So this time I didnt cover myself with the sheet,I have unbuttoned my last and first two buttons.I slowly raised my shirt exposing off my belly button,and on top my full cleavage gave a superb look.Vijay was look at me with out a blink,his jaw has dropped. I slowly moved my hand and reached my navel playing with my bellybutton.He was enjoying hand reached for my mangoes and touched the cherry top.They were erect,a few minutes back I was terrified by these people and now im playing with my body like slut wanted to be pounded. I thought this would do bad and so I controlled myself changed my thoughts but im totally aroused with the things happening,there was conflict of thoughts.My mind is saying I should not do all this but my pussy is not listening to me,my panty was already wet.In the battle between my mind and pussy finally my body lost to sleep unware that my exposing my navel and clevage. Time went by I was fast asleep.In the middle of the night I was woken up by something,some movement I opened my eyes and was literally got the shock of my life.I was unbuttoned totally and Bhaskars hands were exploring my left boob and then suddenly a flash of light.Vijay is clicking of my nude upper body with his N70.I quickly jerked off his hand and tried to button my shirt. Keerthi is watching every thing and enjoying.Bhasker jumped off from his berth reached me and closed my mouth before even I could think of shouting.Keerthi got down and held my arms back and vijay has jumped down opened my shirt wide and kissed my nipples.Bhaskar hissing like a snake came near my ear and started to wisper "Dont panic dear it will be fine,we will take good care of you" and licked my ear lobe. Vijay lifted his head up and "If you shout I gonna fucking bite your throat,you understand? you understand you fucking bitch?"."Keerthi:Look miss,my friend here has got a nude photo shoot of your boobs and if you wont cooperate we are gonna post this online and every fucking man on earth would want to fuck you then" Saying so vijay has showed me some of the pics. Tears rolled out of my eyes,what could I do except for weeping helplessly.Now vijay has started to work out with my body,He held both my boobs together and started to suck them.More than being banged by these three guys I was more afraid of what would happen if someone wakes up in the train and see us like this? would they be rescueing me or would they book me under the prostitution case?? Mean while both Keerthi and Bhaskar made me stand and vijay has unhooked the chains of the berth and made it like sofa.I am slowly understanding that these guys wont leave me easily untill I bleed out my pussy.Its was dark,Bhasker sat by the window and next to him I was made to sit.He was still gripping my mouth tightly not allowing me to call for help and next to me Keerthi has made himself comfortable and vijay stood right opposite to my face.